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What to Expect with Homecare Services


Homecare services provide a compassionate helping hand to those who need medical treatment but also want to stay at home. Caregivers are one of the many healthcare professionals here at IntegriCare ready to offer you the support that you deserve and need. Homecare services are wide in scope, so here are a few that you can truly benefit from:

  • Doctor care, where they will visit your home for diagnosis and treatment for your condition.
  • Nursing care, where they will assist you with medication, first aid, mobility assistance, and more.
  • Physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy to help you learn or relearn body functions;
  • Care from home health aides to help you with your personal needs, such as bathing;
  • Homemaker or basic assistance care to help maintain the cleanliness of your house.

Through homecare services at our senior care in Georgia, patients are treated with the utmost dignity. The person will be able to maintain their independence while they receive the necessary medical attention and treatments. Also, it is highly beneficial to both the family and patient that, through these services, they can avoid costly and lengthy hospital stays.

For those who are considering receiving homecare services, it is understandable that before you jump in, you would want to know what to expect from them. Our home healthcare services in Atlanta, Georgia, will perform an assessment and develop a treatment plan just for you.

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